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InteleK supports valuation practitioners to overcome staffing, realization and utilization challenges.

InteleK’s reliable processes and consistent outputs allow you to more fully leverage and realize your own high value. 

Simple, Smart, on Demand

What are “Private Label Valuations” ?

Private Label Valuations are business valuations or their components, produced by InteleK, delivered in an easily-understood template for you to tailor and modify as required by your knowledge of the subject company and your quality control system, then issued by the valuation Practitioner, under the Practitioner’s branding.

Private Label Benefits

Practitioners often suffer from lack of bench strength-constrained by under-trained staff or frustrated by trained staff scheduled out of reach many months in advance. Successfully executing a sustainable and successful business valuation operation requires reliable support. Intelek is that support.

Customized Program

InteleK will build a customized program for your practice, ensuring the process logistics, communications, valuation deliverables and pricing are transparent, promoting effective and efficient collaboration.

Independence requirements forcing you to send valuation clients to Tax and Assurance competitors?

Intelek can help with full-service financial-statement-ready Conclusions prepared and signed by independent, experienced, credentialed Practitioners.

Need an independent quality or sanity review of an existing valuation engagement without calling on a competitor?
  • Intelek provides valuation report quality review services to further leverage your high-rate talent.

Looking For Consistent Quality & Reliability

Valuation Steps

How Our Private Label Valuation Process Works.. Simple

Simple is the basic premise guiding InteleK’s Private Label Valuation process.

InteleK is committed to deliver focused, consistent, reliable results. From credentialed valuation professionals-not from canned software you still have to operate.  InteleK’s engagements are process-driven to professional standards, yet flexible to address natural complexities that inevitably occur.  All with clear deliverables and timelines for engagement completion.

Pre - Funnel

Customer Point Person = Initially, the Practitioner. Engagement scoping, pricing and information gathering. This role should transition once confidence is established in the relationship.

Middle Funnel

InteleK Point Person= Execution of the valuation components to entire valuation, from inbound data analysis and transformation to outbound quality review.

Post Funnel

Customer Point Person = Delivers the valuation or components to the Practitioner for quality review and high-level inputs. The Practitioner brands and delivers to his/her client.

The Valuation Funnel

Identification of stakeholder input.

Pre - Funnel

Intermediary = You. Engagement set up and information gathering

Middle Funnel

InteleK = Execution of the valuation components / entire valuation

Post Funnel

Intermediary = Knowledgably delivers the valuation to the client

Valuation Build

Build on individual valuation components or maximize leverage if you can combine in an entire white-paper valuation

  • Industry research
  • Economic research
  • Synthesis of industry and economic research to the engagement
Financial Statement Organization
  • Formatting & data structure from the source documents
Synthesis of Financial Statement Analysis and Model Build

Valuation Approaches

  1. Income Approach
  • Capitalization of income
  • DCF modelling (forecasts provided)

2. Assets Approach

  • Book Value/Adjusted Book Value
  • Net Tangible Assets

3. Market Approach

  • Comparable Private Transactions
  • Comparable Public Transactions

Build & Synthesis

  • Cost of capital build
  • Building of metrics / ratios / company dashboards
Report Writing
  • White-paper, consistent with commonly required standards, complete from title page to exhibits
Pricing Structure

InteleK uses dynamic pricing…. You’re only charged for the services you require

Price is driven by complexities and time investment. Below are common drivers of additional fees above the ‘base case’ scenario.

Structuring unstructured data / high volume of documentation
Articles of incorporation analysis
Minority / Marketability discount construction
Multiple Entities
Complex / indepth valuation purposes
Intangible assets, niche industries, start up / pre-revenue companies
what we do

Improve valuation practice economics with Intelek

Other Valuation Elements

1. Appraisal Reports and Restricted Appraisal Reports: To AICPA, USPAP (ASA) & NACVA Standards.
2. Calculations of Value: Valuation reports compliant with AICPA or relevant standards. Shorter summary valuations are also available.

We have access to and use the following reputable resources:

1. Private & Mainstreet Comparables: DealStats, Bizcomps, ValuSource Market Comps (IBA) and PeerComps.

2. Public Comparables: TagniFi (which feeds from Capital IQ).

3. Industry Research: IBIS World industry research for mainstream industries and for more niche or specific industries.

4. Economic Research: National Economic Reports and various investment bank research.

5. Cost of Equity: Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator.

Depending on the valuation purpose and product, InteleK maintains constant communication to deliver the valuation service in the most efficient time, whilst never to compromise on quality.

1. Summary Reports: an average of 5-7 business days from receiving all the information.

2. Detailed Reports: an average of 7-15 business days from receiving all the information.

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